Fri August 29, 2008

August 29th, 2008

Daniel Swantek of Green Solutions Printing was kind enough to set up a GreenLane Google Group where we could discuss important issues without having to wait 3 weeks for a meeting.  The Google Group is great for busy execs because it sends any new post to you as an email or however you want it.  This way you are flagged only when something new has been added.

Please stop by the GreenLane Google Group website and register.  Check your email for the invitation to join.  We welcome your participation.  Email me at if you lost your invitation and would like to join.


The concept of “Community Certification” will be the primary issue facing the group and will be addressed next week.


Today the “Resources” link on the GreenLane website was made hot and contains links to many Green issues.  Send me your favorite Green sites and I will include them.  The site will be “dressed up” in the future, but the content is certainly taking shape.

The Website: ____(click on “Resources”)


Thu August 28, 2008

August 28th, 2008

In yesterday’s meeting, the unanimous feeling was that credibility was the primary issue facing the group.  To meet these concerns, I posted 2 new Topics on the GreenLane Forum.  The first was on “Credibility – The Blue Ribbon Panel” and the 2nd was “Membership vs Certification”.

I’ll repeat them here:

Credibility – The Blue Ribbon Panel

At our 2nd meeting, credibility loomed as the group’s primary concern. To be successful our stamp of approval on a business must carry with it impeccable credibility throughout the community.

GreenLane’s approval must be the highest our community permits. To this end, I propose a Blue Ribbon Panel to certify the company’s legitimate claim to Greenness.

The Blue Ribbon Panel is to be made up of one individual from each of the major green players:

  1. The Department of Environmental Quality
  2. EWEB
  3. Lane County Waste Management
  4. The City of Eugene
  5. The City of Springfield
  6. GreenLane Representative

And perhaps others.

While each member may not personally perform audits or onsite evaluations, resources within his or her organization would be available to do the evaluation. When each of the members of the visible panel signs off and gives their approval, only then does the company get certified.


Membership vs Certification

There will be a difference between membership and certification.

Membership – is when a company chooses to join GreenLane and to make a commitment to work toward certification.

Certification – is when the company reaches its assigned goals and becomes approved as Green by the Blue Ribbon Panel.

Becoming a member is open to anyone willing to make the commitment to achieve assigned Green Goals. Obtaining GreenLane Certification is something that must be achieved by that company in a flexible timeframe of their own choosing.

It will be like a student signing up for math 101. You can become a member when you sign up, but you earn your grade only after passing your final exam.


Today we also began to put the Blue Ribbon Panel in place.


Wed August 27, 2008

August 27th, 2008

Green Business Alliance – Wed 8/27 Meeting

First of all we would like to thank Allen Perkins and the Catalytic Technology Group for hosting GreenLane’s 2nd meeting.

In attendance were:

  1. Allen Perkins – Catalyst Technology Group
  2. Robert Jacobucci – NextStep Recycling
  3. Sarah Mazze – Climate Leadership Initiative
  4. Carolyn Stein – SeQuential Biofuels
  5. Daniel Swantek – Green Solutions Printing
  6. Felicity Fahy – City of Eugene Sustainability Manager
  7. Summer Young – Arlie & Company
  8. Isbel Ingham – NextStep Recycling
  9. Gurusimran Khalsa – Golden Temple of Oregon
  10. Kelly Bell – Lane County Master Recycler Coordinator
  11. Stan Wilson – Catalyst Technology Group

Robert Jacobucci outlined his proposal for GreenLane. This is the same one that could be seen in detail on the website forum.


Website Forum:

While the proposal was generally well received, the group’s areas of concern included the following:

  • Credibility was of key importance.
  • Auditing structures and standards must be fair and well conceived.
  • The City would like to see Social Equity issues included along with environmental issues.
  • Community based certification was brought up.
  • It was suggested to start small yet have all the levels included.
  • It was suggested that we could begin by auditing each other using “soft” friendly audits.
  • GreenLane must be “useful” to the business community to entice them to join.
  • GreenLane should be a 1-stop shop for the consumer of local Green Businesses.
  • The possibility of adding a 4th level was discussed.
  • Daniel Swantek volunteered to set up a Google Group for discussing key issues. This would be in addition to the website News and Forum. The Google Group has the advantage of notifying all be email whenever a new post is made.
  • We agreed to meet back at Catalyst Technology Group in 3 weeks (Wed 9/17/08 10a).

The above issues will be addressed over the next week and hope to have solutions in place by the next meeting.

The new Google Group, when activated, will hopefully give us a new resource to openly discuss important issues. However, I will continue to keep the Website Forum and News updated for any who want to see where the entire project stands at any point in time.

Thanks to all who are encouraging and/or participating in this project.

Robert Jacobucci

NextStep Recycling

(541) 686-2366 x114

Mon August 25, 2008

August 25th, 2008

Talked to the Department of Environmental Quality.  They received our project well and will be very interested in joining the compliance aspect of our program.  This would make them part of the auditing team where necessary.

It will be important that the auditing team be perceived as “friends” and not as “police”.  The companies invoved will be voluntarily submitting to the audit in an effort to better their program.  GreenLane is to be there to help show them how to do this.

Anyone can go on TV and advertise themselves as “Green” and, worse yet, “Sustainable”.  Having the DEQ, EWEB, Lane County Recyclers and other official experts on our team will allow our Green Status to be valid and not be just so much GreenWash.

Wednesday will be our next meeting.  Here are the details:

When:  Wed August 27, 2008 at 10am

Where: Catalyst Technology Group (aka… Kernutt, Stokes, Brandt & Co)
1170 Pearl Street
Eugene, OR 97401

See map here: … :25:::::/e

We will be discussing our Mission Statement.

The one being proposed is:

GreenLane is an Alliance of local businesses, government agencies, utilities, and a concerned public working together to help achieve a more sustainable community. Our aim is to inform, educate, and train the business leaders, their employees, and the general public about sustainability and help in finding greener solutions in their everyday operations as well as their future planning. We also wish to create a viable and visible mechanism so that Green Actions can be recognized, rewarded, and encouraged. Finally, we hope to form a “Green Family” where everyone is working together for the good of all.

We will also discuss any questions people may have on the proposed values and structure of GreenLane presented in the website Forum:

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.


Fri August 22, 2008

August 22nd, 2008

Today “GreenLane and the Individual” was added to the Forum.  Also, a new post on “GreenTeams” was added to clarify the different responsibilities the teams will be given for Entrance Level companies vs. companies at the higher levels.  Each day the vision becomes clearer.  Join us at the Forum.


Thu August 21, 2008

August 21st, 2008

Today, Mayor Kitty Piercy and Lane County Commissioner Pete Sorenson emailed their support to our project as did Shawn Donnille of Mountain Rose Herbs.  The support is mounting and Wednesday’s meeting should be exciting.


Wed August 20, 2008

August 20th, 2008

Today a proposed Mission Statement was added at the Forum.  In its essence, it contains the principles that were used to formulate the GreenLane proposal that will be presented at the next meeting.


Mon August 18, 2008

August 18th, 2008

Today we added the Topic “GreenLane and Government” to the Forum.  The Wed 8/27 meeting draws closer and there will be much to discuss.  If everyone agrees with the proposal, I can then begin to upload it to the website proper.  Once we can all look at the “official” website version and agree on that, we will be ready to get started!  I will be pushing the GreenLane Project into the FastLane as hard as I can.


August 15, 2008

August 15th, 2008

If you haven’t been to the Forum lately, please check it out.  The foundation of the proposed GreenLane structure is in place.  Today “Sustainability vs Green” and “GreenLane Funding” have been added to the Topics.  Also, Sarah Mazze has added a Topic sharing the information on the upcoming Climate Masters class.  The whole program is taking on a good feel.  Stay tuned.


August 14, 2008

August 14th, 2008

The proposed structure for GreenLane is beginning to take shape and is being described on the Forum.  Hopefully, we will have some fodder for discussion at our next meeting!